Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flogs will flog the NT

Here we go there are 9 days to go to the first game of the A-League Season 2011-12 Melbourne Victory vs. Sydney FC on Saturday October the 8th.

The NT will be full of supporters, but the important question is how many of this supporters are committed to support the team with passion minute after minute even when your team is down?

Not many I will said because the skippy mentality have penetrate in those young brains and just stand there and watch the game amongst alot of people is normal in the Terrace. Your duty if you decide to stand in the Terrace is to support the 11man on the pitch no stop loud and louder if the team is down, or winning our job is to take them over the line!!!

But unfortunately we are in Australia and in this skippy land people go to the Terrace because maybe is cool, or because they want to watch the game, or because they want to bring their friends or girlfriend so that they can take pic together to post on their FB status!!!

The problem is that the Terrace may become like circus a virus of the CALCIO MODERNO where we go and stand there because we like to be seeing and tell our friends .

This year we need to take part in a flogs cleansing - any flog be seeing not chanting, no clapping no raise the arm up, no wave the flag when given should be punished with anal probing!!

Is time to clean our TERRACE from flogs standing there and do fuck all, or flogs that decide to start chanting bogans cricket chants, and not respect the Capo.

If you want to watch the game subscribe to Fox and fuck off from the Terrace. A small number of committed passioned people is better that an full stadio of people that just watch the game!!!

Check this out. Game is over Samp lost 2-0 we play away the stadio is empty 20min after the final whistle Samp fans still singing and clapping and united....this is a lesson to learn!!!

Cut and paste yourself! farken

Things to note
Respect the CAPO
Follow the capo/s instructions
Wave flag all the time
Hold standards most of the time
Learn your chants
Put your mobile away no txt or vid in the Terrace
Don't leave the Terrace until players are off the pitch and Capo call for if
If the team is down chant louder
If you have any voice left after the game you dint work hard enough
Tell you mate next to you or above or below to chant or move to the next bay
Leave the girlfriend at home or outside the stadio
No drinking or eating during a game you need you hand for clapping! Half time that's what is for.
Look for each others (goal celebration) so nobody gets hurts


Monday, September 19, 2011


I am fed up to read articles against football, if is not about how boring the game is, is about how violent the fans are. We know that Media hate football and at every opportunity they will put shit on our beautiful game!!

The AFL must be sponsor those rednecks, bogans and give them a gift voucher to the local brothel for a Rub & Tag for every bashing article they write on football!!!

What I cant tolerate is when uneducated football knowledge women's start put shit on our game, there is a slut of journo out there by the name of Rebecca Wilson. Obviously too ugly and too old to get a good root! So all her frustration from been a drop out of Uni and a divorced bitch she write shit on the A-League. She need a good cock slapping and a hard fuck from the NT boys and when she copped up her arse she need to chant the Horto Magico.....ooooooooooooh
sooooooooo maaaaaaagiiiiiicaaaaaaal,
ooooooooooooh Melbourne
is so wonderfuuuuuuuuul,
and ‘cause of youuuuuuuuuuuuuu,
weeee’ll know for suuure,
our hearts will sing forever moore,
and when we dooooooooooooooo,
you’ll know that noooooooooooise,
came from the fucking Northern Terrace Melbourne boooooooooooooys,
oh Victoryyyyyy,
our Victoryyyyyy,
this is our Melbourne team the mighty Victoryyyyyyy,

Check this :

and this (in reply to her comment)

Love Doria

Tribal Management reply to my email

Below is a reply and response from Tribal Sport Management

From: Lou Sticca []
Sent: Thursday, 15 September 2011 12:22 PM
To: 'Alex Doria'


Call me on 93491772.


Lou Sticca
On 16/09/2011, at 12:25 PM, Alex Doria wrote:

Hi Luigi,

Try to call you today but your virtual secretary answer the phone.

Tell me bro what's up?


From: Lou Sticca []
Sent: Friday, 16 September 2011 1:42 PM
To: Alex Doria

My names not Luigi ... you are a smart arse.

Do me a favour and dont waste my time.

Lou Sticca
Licensed Player and Match Agent

Tribal Sports Management
m: (+61) 412 336 016

From: Alex Doria []
Sent: Friday, 16 September 2011 2:02 PM
To: 'Lou Sticca'

Mr Lou,

You ask me to call you back, and politely I did,

I bet you don't tell your mum and dad that your name is not Luigi!!!
What is wrong are you ashamed of a wog name?

Yes I may be a smart arse buy you are a pure coglione!!!

You waste your own time in reading my email and stick your LA galaxy up your culo!!!

Hope 5000 show up at "your event"


Alex Doria

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open Letter to Tribal Sport Management
Re: $60 bucks tickets for Melbourne Victory vs. LA Galaxy

Dear Mr Luigi Sticca,

Firstly my apologies for my bad English but I am a wog like you fresh landed so…non parlo molto bene l’inglese.

The reason for this email is to express my concern on 2 levels

Firstly the cost of the tickets to attend the Victory vs. Galaxy….ma DIO CANE $60 are you on LSD. Really by now people must have wake up to the fact the Galaxy must be on a financial trouble if the only way to raise some cash is to fly to Australia and play few friendly….no other country wants them!!!

If people really are paying $170 to see that wanker of Beckham pass the ball around because he can’t run any more they must be fuckwits!!!

Why you has a promoter so obsess in bring the Galaxy out to Australia…do you really hope that Victoria will shake your hand so that you wet yourself like a girl see Justin Bieber for the first time.

Secondly the fact that you don’t even allow an active area for the supporter tells me that you don’t know fuck all about football and just want to fill the stadio like an theatre for the idiots who come along so they can update their status on FB by tell everyone I saw David Beckman OMG!!!

Finally you must me a tight arse drop $6 for a concession ticket, how the fuck the poor kiddies can afforded to come and watch an old idol of them!! That’s a disgrace.

I hope that people wake up to this scam and don’t show up on the night so you will lose some cash and less gold dust up your nostrils!!!



Alex Doria

23 days to go....

Fuck I am pumped i been counting the days every day to the first game of the A-League Melbourne Victory vs. Scum FC.

I try to finish all the weekends jobs so that the missus don't bust my balls when the season starts in asking me..."darling can you please cut the grass on the nature strip" or " did you fix that or that" Farken i don't want the bitch to ask me for anything for the next 6 months!!!

I told her 3 months ago..."the fixtures are on the fridge do not make any arrangements on those dates" the other day she tells me that I need to go to a dinner on the 22nd of Oct...WHAT THE FUCK!!! that's Derby day you want me to go to friends house for a dinner???? Fuck them!! then she said but is my birthday...every year is your birthday but not every year they play the Derby on your birthday!!! We can go for dinner the day before of even better the day after when i lost my voice so i don't need to talk just eat!!!

Women's do not understand how passionate we guys are about football, the waiting time for the first game in the A-league on the 8th of Oct to kick off is killing me.
Is like when you wake up with the hard on, and you don't know if you should jerk off and waste some good quality juice or save yourself that maybe tonight the missus will spread the legs....but again is a waiting period and is killing me.

For the moment I can only count the days!!! Farken!!!