Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wogs out of football!!!

There is a say by the anti-football people and the Skipani (Aussie) - WOGS OUT OF FOOTBALL!!!

Farken after 3 rounds of the A-league and no wins, no points, no goals, no excitement, something must be wrong at the MV headquarters!!!

The board is new and full of wogs, the coach is new and is a wog, the assistant coach is old but still a wog, more than half of the squads are wogs, the only Aussie we have Allsoap and we don’t want him....Farken what is going on!!! MV management start being like an Italian Government with Muscat is the Silvio Berlusconi the only difference he does not go and fuck 19th yrs old Escort girls and we don’t pay the referee under the table...yet.

Rumours are the Pondi, need to find a new club, Vargas there is not room for you in the defence line, Allsoap maybe NZ is you new state, Billy you will never be like 2 yrs ago so better you look for a VPL team, Carlos the inbreds wants you and you are too fat bad image for KFC , Harry is not happy at the club missing training session and yelling at players “this never happen in all my other club I play for”. Mehms talks to players and train them like U13 boys with exception of not give them lollies after, Muscat still does not have the coaching license yet and is bit confused with maths 4-4-2 - 3-4-2-1 - 4-3-4 never done well at school poor Kev!!!

Ma ke cazzzzo!!! What the fuck is going on!! Instability, insecurity, narcissism, expectations, fuckwits I don’t know because the club will not come out and address the fans re some issues that are currently happen behind doors and I bet my juicy coglioni that all this problems have started since that pretty face boy of Harry has landed in Melbourne!!! And that press conference by Kev early this week was piss poor. From him we want press conference like some wog want to take revenge on some other wog because they touch their car or look their wife the wrong way!! “I am going to kill you”

My suggestions are Mehmet and Muscat been the responsible party they will need to challenge themself in the octagon and fight it out for the position! At the current moment I do not understand if Mehmet is the coach and if it is why is not the one who do the talking in the press conference why is Muscat talking? 1st maybe is because is a wog and we don’t really love wogs in this country and particularly a Turkish one! 2nd maybe is because Fox and CHN9 do not know how to add subtitle to the footages only SBS 3rd is because maybe he does not know fuck all and he may fuck up even more when question time comes along.

So my suggestions are: we the fans make the squad!!! Yeah farken time to open the voting line, bring us updates via MV FB and Twitter the fans can call or SMS their favourite player to play the prefer position. Voting line will close 1hr before kickoff and starting XI announcement soon after...this will avoid the stress of the coaching staff " I dint chose him" "is not my fault that Brox is in goals" I dint vote for him" and this will reduce the pressure of the board "that’s what the fans ask and that’s what they got" "we are listen to our fans complains and we have acted immediately" also the fans can’t blame the coach or the MV board but they can blame each others the NT "fucking SE don’t know shit about play like Barca they just want to play like Rangers " SE "farken NT they do not know nothing about formation they play 2 – 2 – 6 so that all the strikers can go and celebrate under the Terrace, idiots should just stick to chanting” the SE and NT “fucking flogs on level 3 dont know nothing just flogs should just sit down and eat their chips”

Perhaps this should fix the problem at MV headquarters but in the mean time I totally agree WOGS OUT OF FOOTBALL!!!

Let’s hope we bring home 3 points on Sunday....otherwise a message banner will be waiting for the boys at the Brisbane game.



Monday, October 24, 2011

The Derby ...!

I am a healthy man I do excise, I look after myself in what I eat and feel good. But lately I have been feeling sluggish, must be all the few extra bowls of pasta with meatballs or nonna handsome cannoli, so lately with all this wog food in me I have been constipated for few days....But thanks to MV I have found a solution to unblock my bowel...last night I put on the replay of the derby game... (I do not have time to watch the game on game day to busy tell those cunts to wave flags and chant) anyway after 15min I felt my bowel start moving... Fark I though what is wrong with me must had too much salami and drunk too much homemade grappa, by half time I already had 2 massive shits!!!

During the second half I eat few snacks, chips, choc bars and wash it down with a milk shake. I was ready to watch a good second half of football but again MV start to play....ops dint fucking get into the game at all, but strange enough was no more bowel movement happen for me hmmm . The ingredients I ingest were too fresh to turn info after watching few passes and few attempt of scoring goals by the myth MV I start convulsing and vomiting...After 90 min, final result 0-0 I was not upset for the result because my guts felt clean and light and I lost 5kg without a sweat!!! Forget Lemon detox diet this is the best laxatives you can get..and for the chicks out there that are into anorexia I highly recommended a 15min of watching MV...I know you girls are not into “soccer” but try to watch when Memhet do the subs that’s worth it every single drop of your don’t need to stick finger down your throat just stay glue to the TV and have a bucket next to you and will come natural to you and the job is done, you will look nice and bony until you next main meal a Yoplait!!!

I do not fark understand what is going on with the MV players is not that the hooligans destroy the sport and make it an unsafe environment for family to attend....all the hool are pacifist and on the gangia!!! But is the team, the players the coaching staff that will send family away from the game because any new comers to the game after 2 outing they have witness 0-0 and people will not come back in a hurry to watch the MV. Already redneck skippy bogans bust my coglioni and tell me the game is boring, no scoring, the goals should be wider, should be no offside, and now they have more ammunitions to prove that soccer is becoming like cricket farken boring...can you blame them!!!

I don’t know if the problem rely on the players that their skill has trooped to U13 level or on the coach that does not know what the fuck to do and he can’t read players quality and positions. Boh I am not too sure and I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I know is that at present moment we are making a fool of our self in front of new people that want to follow the game and in front of other team fans.

The rumours that goes around is that in the past any new players arriving at the club need go through a ceremony set by Muscat which was some anal probing techniques, now because Harry was the new boy in the block he refuse to do it simply because still hurts from the 3 yrs in Adrian is not happy, Brox want to see it and play DJ in the back round, Breb want to have few bet how long before he will last before he screams “enough stopped” Vargas was ready to do the commentary in Spanish for Fabio e Carlos, Roja never see this techniques been perform on a human only on a sheep, Billy been a Greek he grow up with anal probing but happy to see Harry squeak. Mehmet apparently was the guys in charge of anal probing Harry, hiding his face with a mask and chanting Turkish ultras songs....!!So I don’t know if all this will eventually be sort it out in the MV changing room, but for sure at present we the fans are the one with the sore arse we have a team of the best players in the league an amateur coach and assistant coach a board that try to concentrate on a deal that is good for the sport and the FFA but not for the team on the pitch when priority should have been investing in a more experience coach that know what module to play and how to utilise the players in their best of ability definitely somebody better than the current douche bag !!!....and more pain on the way...Phoenix and Brisbane spread your anus boys!!!



Thursday, October 20, 2011


Before I go to bed at night I pray to GOD and to the Holy Mary (Santa Maria) (not to be confused with Maria Santina which she was the slut at high school give us BJ in the toilet) anyway during my pray last night I got a vision: I was surrounded my MH fans with large dildos painted in red & white and I was running away from them I was the only one left in the Terrace and I was screaming NO! NO! NOOOO Please, pleaseee were dildos everywhere I was panicking of the thought to get anal probe by those large dildos was not that they dint have any lube on it that make me panicking but was the fact that were all MH colors…..Fark!! After while I wake up…so was not a vision from GOD but was a dream, but being a very religious man myself I believe that this vision was sent to me from GOD because to what I have written in my previous blogs that raise some discussion by football “connoisseurs” on few forums.

So for this reason I would like to come out and apologise to everyone that I may have offended…was very uncaring and unethical of me to incite violence at the Derby I should have not ask for MV fans young and old to go and spit on faces of MH fans nor to kick them up the arse or steal their scarf nor to abuse them with foul language and for this…..I am SORRY, SORRY!!! YES I AM!!

Allot have been said about me on various forums and some comments where nasty and vicious, but it is a shame that people do not know me well because deep down I am a very sensitive nice caring person, I do rescue stray cats, or help old ladies caring the shopping bags to their car, or give money to drug addicts in the city, or talk to kids at the pedestrian crossing and I attend church on sunday. At the end of the day I am a man with integrity and I should have not look back at my old days in Italy and in my involvement with the ULTRAS TITO CUCCHIARONI and I don’t want any of the 70’s or 80’s stuff to happen in this country. And for this reason my approach to the Derby this Saturday will be a different one and I want to come out in the open arena, forums and social media and let everyone know that this Saturday we will walk to the stadio MV and MH fans holding hands, we will sit together next to each other and share stories and discuss the front page of New Idea, perhaps share a cuppa of tea and a homemade fruit cake, we will take a snap shot of our MH friend and post an update on FB “I am at the Derby with a great guy a MH fan” if we miss a goal we will behave our self and remain sited and clap and said oooohhh, but only upon scoring a goal we will raise to our feet in joy and hug our MH friend and tell them “Bad luck.. I hope you guys score one too” after the game we will walk out together and give each other the last hug and said “I hope to see you at your home game next time and good luck with your next game hope you do well” and every MH fans we meet on the way to the car park we will shake their hand and said “bad luck guys but you deserved a draw”.

And this is what the spirit of rivalry Derby should be

Have a lovely Derby experience and the best team win on the day



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Open Letter to Harry Kewell

Hi Harry,

Ciao Bello come va? Doria here from the NT...ops perhaps you don't know who we are, yeap that's right, you enter the pitch before the game and you fail to acknowledge us...and you exit the pitch so in a hurry that you don't give a shit about us the FANS!!!

What the fuck is wrong with you are you too lazy to walk 80mt to the Terrace...ops that's Carlos the lazy fat kid in the squad...are you to good to come and see the NT boys dress in Casuals and not that wanky gear you wear politix which is for Matrix wannabe....or are you in a hurry to have a shower so nobody else in the team can see "The Harry Kewell Cock"!!!

Dear Harry let me tell you something...people like you come and go but only the colours and the club will stay so if you feel that we are not that important to you in Australia or you are too much of a Primadonna to acknowledge us.....than FUCK YOU CUNT with your punzy half British stupid accent!!!

I never want you at MV you are more suitable for Sydney FC!!! I will have chosen any young player over you at any time!!

You come into the team and we have to play for "Harry" if Roja does not pass you the ball you throw a fucking tantrum, you act like the captain and want to take the players out without shaking hands after the Sydney game...hello is this what a role model for the sport teach young kids in this country? Shame on you...Mate get over, you are in OZ land like it or not Europe the latte are fucking boiling hot, the food is Australianazed and the women are fat and have no class and too many Asians on the learn to live with that and don't take it out on the fans or your team mates!!!

Until you don't start to bond with the fans you will not score know why? because I just done a voodoo doll of you in politx clothes!!! and every time you have not acknowledge us i have inserted a pin into you left you better watch out otherwise Saturday you will walk out in a stretcher!!!

On Saturday I will carry my miniature voodoo doll of you with me at the stadio and at half time if you dint acknowledge us before starting the game I will insert another pin in you!!!

At the end of the game I suggest you better start coming under the terrace win-lose-draw and tank those fans that will chant and support the team for 90+ minutes....Sorry mate we cant just chant your name for 90mins there are another 10 players out there!!!

If you refuse to come under the terrace a Jihad is already planned for you this may cost your career and ultimately your stay at MV!!!

So Dear primadonna come and see us on Saturday I be there waiting for you.


I am allowed to come close to you and hug you or do I need to contact your manager first!!!

Would you ever pay for our beers...Muscat did!!!

Why do I hate MHEART?

Before I divulge myself why I hate Melbourne Heart so much let me give you some back history.

I grow up in Italy and since the age of six I went to football games with my dad. From my young age I can only really remember the derby days. People will not mix on the road with other fans the Samp fans will all enter one area of the stadio and walk on the south part of the stadio when the Genoa Merde will walk on other side. You will not allowed to go in their area on game day or you will ask for trouble. Fights after the game was a must and my dad will park me outside the bar and go and throw few bunches and kicks and come back to me "si sono beccati un paio di pugni sti bastardi - impara, impara a menare le mani Porca Puttana!!!"(they cop few bunches those bastards - learn, learn how to fight) My dad hates those GENOA MERDE and their colours so I follow my dad steps and hate them too....I cant divulge myself in details from the age of 18 on to what I have done...but lets said was some blood involved, maybe few rocks, few Molotov, and few sharps objects....but this was back in the late 70s where the ULTRAS movements where very strong Police presence was minimal and battle will happen inside the stadio and outside on the streets ...this were the GOOD TIMES!!!!

So still now i hate those GENOA MERDE!!!

I was very glad to ear that another team in Melbourne was on the arena, firstly because I like rivalry, I like the making fun who wins more derby, I like to see who is the best curva on the day with coreo and tifo, I like to abuse those useless cunts!!

I hate MH simply because this idiots they hate us more than any other teams in the A-league, if the fans very sincere about following football they should have follow the first team in Melbourne, Victory 7 yrs ago and support them and the sport. This idiots just now jump on board!!! Where were you when the sport need support to grow bigger? they tell us that we play a boring slow game and that's why they go for Heart or because they hate Muscat, Ernie. If you just like watching football go and watch them but don't support them in buying colours and membership and be vocals, and what about some MV fans that now switch to the other side!!! should be castrated!!!

For me winning the Derby means alot, more than winning any other games in the competition, The passion to have only 1 team in your town, only one colour to be known in your town means a lot to me!!!

The Derby is the most important game of the season it very hard to explain the anticipation of a derby in your city, the talks at the bar, the discussions at work and all the rest that goes with the derby. The hatred for the other team of the same town is unbelievable, this is not the case in this town because the sport and the teams are too young at the moment but only time will tell.

I still think it is very stupid to allow any red colours in our curva and I will call for everyone if you see any Heart fans standing in our area to politely ask them to leave our area for their own safety.....You never know what people may do when they see Red!!! This goes for our home game and at AAMI, is our Terrace is our Curva DO NOT disrespect us by enter our area with a different colour!!!

I find very hard to walk to the stadio and have Heart fans next to me my instinct is to run up to them and steal they scarf or kick them in the arse and tell them to fuck off!!!

I hate Heart more than Syd and Adelaide i want them to fail the soon is possible in the pitch and in the Terrace!!! I do not call for violence....but let them live in fear every time they see a MV fan make them be scare to wear they MERDA red and white colours and that's they way should be if you want to support your plastic team MH!
Fuck them!! is time for us to show them there is ONLY ONE TEAM IN MELBOURNE!!!

So from now on when you see a MH fans...walk to their face and call them flogs!!!


This Saturday we will show them that we ARE the best Terrace in Melbourne and Australia!!! FARKEN




Monday, October 17, 2011

Melbourne Victory vs. Adelaide United

Not much to said about this game was painful to watch if you were sober or drunk....the way MV played make me puke for nearly 90min!!! Those away tops maybe cool if you are on crack but they start giving me the shits!!! and Adelaide YES they won but we give them the goal on a plate.

We still play like the English in the 80's keeper kick the ball as far as he can see....rather than play from the back and play out, when we do we are not good enough on holding the ball and maintaining possessions and we fuck up Thanks to FABIO!! this guys must be screw is mate Fred in the arse and he comes to MV to screw us over 1st Game gives away a silly penalty, 2nd game a stupid back pass, 3rd game he will score in our own net!!!

Took 2 games for me to see that Mehmet the Turk is an amateur coach and he be better go and coach the U14 the fuck you substitute 2 of the fastest players Archie and Roja that can win us a goal in counter attack when we are in 10 men!!! farken bad move!!!

I just wondering if our team is there to make Harry happy so he can play or to play good football enjoyable to watch and not painful like it was on Friday night!!!

Carlos still do not deserve to play 90 min and is still not fit!!! the same goes for Harry he dint deserve to play 90 min.

Adrian must stop listen to Muscat old stories and perhaps get some night classes at the Broadmeadows Community Center in Anger Management...what the fuck is with him last week with Syd and this week with Adelaide he is the captain should be the mediator not the matador!!!

This Saturday is the Derby, honestly I cant see who can score for us Archie is too old and slow and play too wide and now every defender can read him, Solorzano is not like he was last year he lost the killing instinct better he start to pray to God again, Kewell will not score people know him and they will mark him well to make a very good impression for themself, Roja will need to pass into the box before he can go solo, Cernak he get stopped 9 out of 10 times when he brings the ball up on the wings should he play more Center Midfield maybe! Maybe Brox will score for us...??

Harry leaving the pitch for the 2nd time without acknowledging the fans that travel all the way to SA is not good.....he can go screw himself PRIMADONNA di Merda where you think you are we are not good enough for you!!! screw you!!!

Saturday we will face the MERDE and if the boys will not win and take home 3 point is time to show them that we are not happy!!!

We fucking having the quality ingredients but we have 2 douche bags Muscat and Mehmet and they cant farking cook!!!