Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chanting against the coach after 1 loss....pure stupidity!!

Okay let’s be honest here we don’t play the best football at present, we don’t have our original squad that was planned for this season, we have a new coaching stuff perhaps with no great experience. But did our coach really deserve a chant against them after only 1 loss?

I think was bit too harsh from the SE to chant against our coaches the same must be said for the rest of the stadio whistle and booing after the Perth Game.

I believe that the coach is not accountable to what happen on the pitch, at the end of the day is up to the players to make a game that will make every fan happy with goals and allot of beautiful played football.

People get stuck into this media circus where to make headlines to sell the papers we need to have sensationalism journalism and call for the coach head...and if that was the case what is around the corner for our club?

People are selfish expecting that Victory will come out the box and win every game 5-0 and play like Barca but perhaps people should have a reality check that we are not the only good team in the competition but there are another 9 out there that play good football and it is a very close competition!!

People out there even if we win every game they still find way to criticize the coaches they just a bunch of bitter cunts. We have high expectation and high demand from our club and coaches but we don’t give them the time to adjust to the new environment, so let’s chant against the coach because we don’t get what we a spoil kid!! People watch too much European football what happen over there with coaches (see Inter) and now demand the coach head after 1 loss what the fuck, this is Australia and who else we going to put in place like if we have this vast selection of coaches knocking on our door, and do you really think that if we have a new coach at this level things will go all well and we start winning 5-0 fucking morons!!! People want quick
fixed but not long term cures!!

I follow Sampdoria and 2 years ago we finish 4th in the Serie A. The next year we finish 3rd last and we got relegated. This year we play in Serie B...but 19.000 membership was sold this year and people still go to the stadio on Saturday and support the team and the colours in bad and worst time. That’s what be a fans is about, support your team every week win, loose, or draw.

People already drop off from attendance because MV had few too many draw to those idiots Fuck you our player don’t need you!!!

People have comment about NT be critical of the situation with the banner “NO MORE
EXCUSES” our message was direct to everyone no one in particularly and he were hoping for the players to fire up and they did after 40sec. Our message was well taken by 2 major newspapers, on TWG comments and on the night by Simon Hill. And our message dint read SACK THE COACH you bunch of fuckwit!!

Sometimes I wonder if calling for the coach head is because is a wog and most people standing in the SE are Anglo and they think EPL is so superior to any other league in the bunch of fuckwits if was not for foreign players and coaches you will still be playing long ball from the back!!!

Chanting against the club, the board and the coaches after 1 loss considering what we are going through at moment is more than harsh is pure stupidity, you have concern about the coaching stuff demand a meeting with the board on behalf of the SE , or go to the training sessions and express your negativity and concern to the coach, he will come and talk to you (that’s the way is done in Italy) but chant like that when the boys on the pitch need has much support they can get to get over the line is not on!

Don’t complain if after the game the players refuse to come and clap you for your support, after chanting against them, you don’t deserve them!!

At the end of the day I strongly believe there are 2 types of supporter’s one group that will support the team, the colours, and the club in hard and good times, and one group they will support the team when we win, but boo them at any chances they get if we don’t perform to THEIR standards.

I will refuse to boo, and whistle the team I love and support. If you do please make sure not to stand next to me at the games.



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