Thursday, November 3, 2011

Open Letter to Mehmet...

Dear Mehmet,

Doria here from the NT mate!!!
I was hoping to never write to you because you would be the only one who can really understand me when I write in English...we are both wogs...we are both fresh in this country...we both have an accent and people do not understand us when we talk English...and we both cant write and spell!! what a beauty mate!!!

Firstly welcome to Melbourne Victory but to be honest after 4 rounds of the A-League is more like a Fuck off welcome. After 4 rounds and we have been performing shit with no sparks, no creativity, no goals (for 3 games) people are starting to call for your head, wanting for you to leave the club and go back to youth they don't like you!

I am in 2 minds at present moment and honestly deep down I do not think is all your fault if the team has not perform that well and has not score any goals in 3 outing.

Deep down I like you you have a friendly face and smile, you are a wog, you love good food, good coffee, and women's things that I cant say for any skippy friends that I know they are interested in beer before any sheilas, or eat a sausage rolls in a bread roll and drink a cappuccino at lunch time with their meal!!

Wogs are a different kind of breed and we always come out from any cheesy situations have a look Silvio Berlusconi!!

My suggestions to you and now I talk coach to coach here, is to go back to basic go back to the beginning of your coaching career and see if there are any screw missing from when you learnt the basic. Start to analyze every single player that you have in your squad with your gut feeling and not with everyone else telling you something, (Muscat) have a good look at each players the pro and cons have look where you can position them like if you where a kid and you play with your soldiers figurine and you are ready to go to war vs. the Germans!! After that write down your plan A but make sure to have a plan B if plan A go shit creek, make sure to write down your goals and communicate this to your soldiers in the changing room!!! Yell to them call them fuckwit, losers, rejects, useless cunts, waste of money do what its take to get the message through!!!

After watching Brisbane few times I can see why those kids want to play football, they enjoy to plan ahead what can be achieved by tearing apart the other teams, they think 2 steps ahead of any oppositions, they are hungry to create and to play beautiful football to make it most enjoyable for the fans and the mainstream to watch, there are not many teams out there that after 4 goals up they still coming up for more definitely not the Italian teams after 1 goals they defend for the rest of the game!!!

The problem is not you Mehmet but are the players, when I can see that we can't complete 4 consecutive passes in a game without loosing possession or fucking up this is the players problem lack of concentration, lack of creativity lack of skills, when I see Foshini try to come up the wings and look around for support but nobody is there and nobody create spaces and he goes passing the ball back so they can start to re build on the other side of the pitch this is the players fault not you!!! when our players do not have quality 1st touch or are not taking on 1vs1 this is not your fault. For me looks like we have a team of Primadonnas they do not want to be there, and they do not know what to do with the ball, they start to become like ALF players tick idiots without any imaginations!!

The only players that is focus 100% in the team and does is job properly is Ante Covic. All the others looks like U15 kids with the difference that U15 will want to run all day and play the ball!!

The players need to answer for why we have not been scoring, why we don't play well and why when watch them is so painful and not enjoyable.

Mehmet don't listen to Muscat he does not know fuck all, listen to your heart don't listen to the board and to Harry manager if you think he does not deserve the starting XI make him sit on the bench maybe the players will see you have some coglioni to put Harry on the bench and they may play well and respect you more.

I have some faith in you but for how long i don't know...

I hope one day we can get together few boys from the NT come over yo your Villa in Roxburgh Park and have a traditional Turkish spit roast, few vinos and few chants and maybe watch one of my favorite Movie Midnight Express and I still get shivers down the spine about the sweaty fat guy in Midnight Express the police guy when is ready to arse rape the yankee drug trafficker!! That movie always bring back good time for me...i was one of the lucky to carry Hashish out of Turkey without been court lucky enough my arse still virgin!!! I wonder do you hate Greeks? because every Greek I know they hate Turks I wonder if it is because the Greeks said that Turkish women's have darker moustaches than Greek women's not too sure why but you will fill me in with the history once we get together!!

Don't stress over for Saturday I know we will copped up the arse few time vs Brisbane but we got the vaseline ready to make it less painful!!!

Go out there tell those XI monkeys what to do and hope for the best....did you hear about the 6-3-1 formation maybe is a possibility for Saturday!!

All the Best


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