Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cricket if for bogans and fat cunts....!

One of the major obstacle of coaching at youth level is not the kids discipline, but the lack of ground availability for training, and this is not only the problem at my local inner city football club, but everyone involve in football will tell you that there is lack of ground for training, and you can complain how much you want to your local council but they will do fuck all, same if you complain to your local MP or to FFA fuck all will happen and fuck all is done for the kids that want to play football and be the next Harry Kewell!!

How can we improve our quality of football in this country when we only play the game for six months of the year. When in Europe they play for 10 + months of the year. And if we want to play football 10 months of the year how the fuck we are going to do it when we have to compete with grounds used by Aussie Rules and the fucking cricket!!

This brings my discussion to another waste of sport cricket!! Farkkk firstly I will like to argue if cricket deserve the title of a sport for me is more like let's get together and hit a ball with a stick have a BBQ few beers few farts and start all over again!! Let's be honest here, how the fuck can you play cricket? For me is the losers game is like seccos they always want to be a cop but are too fucking dumb so they become security ACG. Cricket is the same you try to play different sports, athletics, tennis, swimming, balls game but you were useless at all of them so you decide to play cricket.

Cricket is a sport for lazy cunts is the only sport where you can sign autograph during a game at any level, if you a fat can't run bored and lazy play cricket that's why those Indians love the sport!! You can't tell me that a country with 1.2 billion people the only sport they can play is cricket must be some people over 1.2 billion good in some other sports!

Cricket is the only sport where if you are not fit, fat and old you are welcome to any club! How stupid it is for a sport to be play the same game for 5 days at 8 hrs a day. Do they really think that fans take annual leave to watch the team play for 5 days!! How really you can be a fan when you need to follow the game for five like watching the World Cup final and after half time you have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest of the game and the day after and the same story again and again for farken 5 days...fark I will have nervous breakdown, I can't last 30 second without not watching a game of football!!

I get pumped before a football game, how that works on a 5 days cricket game? Do you get pumped 5 days in a row? for me is more like watching porn for 5 days for 8hrs with a lunch break but you can't jizz until your 5th day. On the 5th day your knob is so read and row and your dick is in a sunflower shapes that you call off for a draw!! What a waste of a good wank!!Ops a 5 days!!

Cricket is the type of sport where if you are fat and unfit you can get away to pretend you are an athletes. I think if you play cricket stone like the West Indies is the best way because you always hope to fly high and catch it in the air but unfortunately is not like that, like my good friend Tunna Nonno said once “Si mettono li in mezzo per cinque giorni sperando che la palla arrivasse in aria, e quando arriva lo fanno casca per terra" translate like “they stand there in the middle of the pitch for 5 days hoping for the ball to fall from the sky and when happen they dropped”.

Who the fuck they think they are those puppet dress up in painter clothes for not playing in the rain!! Fark what is wrong to play in the rain are you scare you dirty you white uniform and mum scream at you once you get home, or is to danger for you to play on wet conditions!! And what about stopping for a cup of tea and shortbread a lunch time what the fuck! That’s what is wrong then you go out there after lunch and you just play this soft sissy hits so none of you need to run at full guts!! And you can't tell me is a man sport when they have coglioni protection if you are a fendinkum Aussie take it like a man and don't go out there with your cock cage be brave and do it for Australia! Take it and move on!!

Cricket is the Ultimate Bogan sport the twenty/twenty is why!! They make it for bogan a short game that last 3 hrs so that the bogan not lose concentration, is the game where bogans want fours and sixes on every ball so they can sign the tune of the song on the loud speakers " who let the dogs out" and where on every ball the only screams that comes from the terrace is "fucking hit the thing you lazy cunts". Is where boganism gather together where thongs is a must where people where Ed Hardy t-shirt or the latest singlet with slogans such us " We grew here You flew here " or " Fuck off we're full" and show the latest patriotic tattoo the southern cross. Farkkkk!

When I first emigrate in Australia (not long ago how you can tell by my poor English) I had difficulty to go to sleep after a long day at work so I record a VHS of a game of cricket...and fark after 15 minutes tops I was going like a baby!!

Every time I drive past a park and see those idiots in painters uniform I tell my son "if you ever want to play cricket let me know because I will drop you off and pick you up in 5 days because I ain't stay there watching you standing like a scarecrow"!

This goes the same for aussie rules when I see a brutal fight or somebody left unconscious on the ground or a player walking out with a bloody nose or broken tooth I show that to him and ask him "are you sure you don't want to try to play footy" he shits himself is only 6yrs old!! Ahahah!

I can't believe how people pay money to watch a game of cricket all those games in every town in Australia what the fuck is the point you just play each other 3 days ago for 5 days and now you play each other again!! And if not enough they will play 1 day too so they can make more money for the sale of tickets! What a rip off!!

What piss me off is that we can't get grounds to train the kids to play the beautiful game because we will damage the center of the pitch that’s from the council, or sometimes we play in a pitch where the center is rock hard and not flat (Ryder Park in Carlton) farkkk what a waste of a beautiful pitch for those cunts playing stupid cricket!!! And have a look the difference in the way the council look after the pitch when is cricket season to compeer to football season we play sometimes with the grass nearly to our ankle because council don't give a fuck about our game!!

Cricket is the ultimate Australian sport and if you don't like it you are Un-Australian. I hate it and I am proud to be Un-Australian because I am a wog!!

Anyway soon I will have my Xmas holiday and I may have 5 day spare to play a game so if you keen inbox me for a game of cricket!!



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