Friday, November 18, 2011

Footy Bogans Not Welcome at my soccer pitch!!

After school I like to take the kids to the park for a kick of the round ball. I am very lucky to live close to a beautiful "sokker" ground a brand new one, synthetic.

The other day my son wants to play keeper so he can save to the left save to the right and be Ante Covic all night. But when I arrive at the ground this massive mammoth was standing in the goals in a singlet and footy shorts and kicking a farking stupid oval ball to is mate Shezza...what the fuck I said to myself fuck off from here you bogan!!

Why people need to kick a stupid footy ball in OUR soccer pitch I hate those skippy cunts in singlet (from Bali or Thailand) and what they do is just kick back and forward to each other and they do that for half hour or longer how fun can be?, you can't do tricks or any freestyle you can't head or chest the ball or play 1vs 1 that's why footy is the dumbest sport in the world.

First they call it football when most of the time the ball is in their hands, what a joke! secondly which other sport in the world they give you a point because you miss a goal!! Farken how stupid is that if you are not good to score a goal from 15 meters you should not be in the team!!

How gay are the uniforms tight shorts and singlets what a joke need some styling lesson and the colors combination...fark brown and yellow how the fuck did they come up with that selection, when there is so many colors to choose from!! Whoever design those jersey must had a very hard time at kinder where the teacher let him draw with only 2 crayon yellow and brown and he can only draw people vomiting and shitting!!

And watching the game how boring is when you bite into your juicy meat pie and start dribbling down your chin and you reach for the serviette to clean yourself up...and fark you miss 2 goals ah does matter should see another 30 before the time the game finish!! Or when you drive hours to the game, pay for carpark, line up for tickets, and after 15min your team is 120 point down WTF?

Is a messy shitty sport for no brainers kick the farken ball long up there few cunts will jump and get it!! And what about the poor cunt that plays for 2 hrs and the next day you read the stats and he has 3 touches farkkk!! When you a kid all you want is have the ball and kicked and passed around and when you don't have the ball you will yell "pass it pass to me" but when they become a pro is no longer fun!! something is wrong, maybe is the coach payback, if does not like you he put you there so you don’t get the ball!!

Talking about coaches WTF how many they need, is because is too hard for just 1 coach to count the players on the pitch so they need help from another half dozen of them!! and why they seat in the box with the headphone, what music they listen to? how stupid is that, and they send this idiots in yellow giving messages to the players what a joke, looks like they play treasure hunt and the runners tell them the location of the treasure..only dumb bogan can play footy because they need somebody to come up to them to tell them what to do!! Ahah what a joke!!

And what about ref they got what half dozen of them if you not fit to run the all pitch change profession and dont ask you mate to look after half of the pitch, and what about the idiot behind the goals with a white coat and a white hat, like Giuseppi back at home that sells ice cream on the street. And why they wave the flag when is a goal they really thing we don't know is a goal and the stupid pointing finger salute how ridicules is that!

Finally let's talk about the supporters how the fuck you can sit next to a supporter from the other team, this show to me that there is not passion for the game how can you possibly sit there and have somebody else put shit on your players and team and you don’t do nothing farkk I would not last 3 minutes before I stab somebody in the eyes with my car keys!!! This show me that Aussie have not coglioni are a punch of pussies taking the abuse and do fuck all just happy to eat their four and twenty and clap!!! Idiots

People tells me “but you dint grow up with footy so you don’t know” Thanks God for that!! Really if you search it deep enough you will find out that the wogs are the first to play ball in this country, all the skippy busy drinking at the pub, but one day they came out and saw the dagos kicking around the old leather ball, so the Aussie went over stolen the ball, put a hole and start passing the ball around with the hands ,the wogs where too short all were from Calabria and Sicily just 1.40 in height so they could not reach to get the ball back and the biggest Aussie bloke said to the little Luigi “this is our country Aussie Rules fuck off you dagos” and that’s how Footy start and that’s why the sport is brutal a sport for bully!!

And no many wogs play the game where all the Asians or the Lebos or the Africans fellows, no much of multicultural sport even the Jews cant play because is on a Saturday!

All I want next time when I go to my park not to see any bogans kicking the oval ball. They can fuck off to another area!!!

Stay tune next week on cricket



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