Wednesday, November 9, 2011


No one is born a CUNT but you can become one!! How do you become a CUNT ? Wow!! if I need to start listing how to become a Cunt I would write a book “Cunts for Dummies” and I would write a 12 volume collections of names of CUNTS that I know. Like for example my next door neighbour is a CUNT! he will leave a note on my mates windscreen and ask them to not park their cars in front of his house. But one day when he got to his car and discover that brake fluid was all over the paint job he dint write notes anymore!!! Or what about the taxi driver that cut me off and I yell at him WTF! and he call me a wog so at the traffic lights I grab my old bike and smash it on the bonnet of his car few times!

Anyway I am not here to brag on my CUNT stories but what I am here is to announce a new CUNT - Mr Ben Williams!!!

This guy is the Ultimate Cunt, he is the cunt all of cunts!!

Why do I hate him so much...because on Saturday the 5th of November he spoil my night, a night that I waited for more than 1 year, was a night like when you have a date, and you know you going to get a root but because she is hot you don’t want to blow you load early, so you wank yourself first but then you worry about it, because maybe now will take ages to blow again when you are with her, so is a night of mix emotions, or when you are out with your mates have a lovely time getting drunk and perv on chicks and you meet this gorgeous chick a stunning looking hot sheila too good for you and she ask you if you want to get back to her apartment, yea why not you are bit drunk but who cares, you are there doing your job duties a bit of foreplay but without going there yet, but she goes down on you first and how nice it is, knob, shaft, balls the lot, than you try to reach for her box but you discover she got a what you going to do leave her and scream or stay and close your eyes!! The dilemma!! As long your mates don’t know maybe is worth the stay!!!

This was the night that the mighty MV will have tear apart does fucking Roarcelona, rape them hard on all aspect of football, where Ange would have walk out from the pitch with a bleeding arse!! This was our time, this was a time to made history, this was the time where the fans would have gone crazy and stay into the Terrace long go after the player have gone and showered, this was the time where the fans would have waited for the player to exit the car park and greet them with chants of victory. This was the night where even the Herald Scum would have put Victory in the front page and take the credit “WE VICTORIAN DID IT”, this was the night that I dint need to come home and watch the replay and have my missus busting my balls “you just went to the soccer why you watch the game again” but I could have gone straight into the bed and tell her bend over darling I am going to fuck you like MV fuck Brisbane and do it according to how many goals we won by it!!!

But unfortunately this was not the case because a CUNT spoil my festa a dumb Skippy CUNT that laughs when he show you a card a CUNT that is so ugly that even his mum vomit at Xmas dinner when she sit across from him!

I am not here to argue if was a red or a yellow card, but definitely if the referee was from any other European league he would have take in consideration alot of factors (1st card – early into the game, a yellow and penalty would have been enough, the ball was already running away from him, and re the 2nd card again a yellow should have been enough Brisbane player definitely over reacted and what about the free kick that cost us the 2nd goal was the same foul pulling the shirt that was done 10min previously on Harry but went unnoticed and no yellow card) so here you go a lot of inconsistence and the quality of the referee is not at the level of the game yet...the quality of the game has improved enormously and very fast. But the referees after all their meetings and discussions with FFA in the pre season they are still amateurish and this goes for many other games this year too.

At the end of the day the FFA is a joke is run like a book club and is there to protect a referee before any players or any club comments right or wrong doing. FFA is Mafia in our corporate football world!!!

Finally the only thing I can hope this year for Xmas is for Mr Ben Williams to be part of the road fatality!!!



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