Monday, November 21, 2011

Message to MV Players

When you enter the changing room at the stadio, after been parking your Merc in the player card park and put that jersey on Blue & White make sure before you do that, the you really want to make that jersey and those colors and those people out there that chant for 90 min PROUD.

If you just but that jersey on because is just another day at the office you don't deserved.

We don't want to blame the coach is you that run and chase and pass that need to be blame. Is you if you are out there and you don't give 110% every time for your team, for your city, for us that we follow you with our passion, then you don't deserve those colours.

The time is come to show some balls, no more excuse, the job need to be done and need to be done well!! Go out there and DO YOU JOB that's what you get paid for it, we always do our job to be your 12th man and we don't get paid, but we are PROUD to support our colours!!

There is only one team in Melbourne, is time for you to show us that!!!



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